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On this page, we will provide you with some interesting, and hopefully, helpful feedback that we've received from some of our followers. Please take into consideration that these are only testimonials and are not a guarantee or endorsement of the Products and/or protocols on this website.

Thanks for the suggestion to help me with my Seborrhea. As you know, I suffered for years with this condition, using over the counter and prescription creams, lotions, and shampoos to no avail. After speaking with you and adopting both your nutrition and supplement suggestions, my 'chunks of skin' on my scalp and face problem has virtually disappeared. To check your suggestion, I've dropped off the protocol for a couple of months, only to have the condition re-appear. Thanks Again! Tom from N.J.
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Thank you for providing me with an alternative to surgery/radiation therapy for my Prostate cancer. As you are aware, I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and had very high PSA levels. After following the protocol you suggested, my doctor and I were amazed at the reduction in my PSA levels and no need for further radiation or surgery. Thank you, Harry
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